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Our organization

The action conservational group “JARO” (the original historical name was “JAroměřští ROpáci”) which today consists of several basic organizations of the Czech Union of Nature Conservation is involved in nature conservation through a variety of activities. We have begun to take care of valuable natural areas and we have been continuously taking care of some of these sites for over 30 years. We gradually expanded our action radius from Jaroměř and Náchod surroundings to the entire territory of the Czech Republic, part of western Slovakia, southern Poland and northern Austria. Most of the sites in our care come under the Velkojaroměřský pozemkový spolek that is the largest land association in the Czech Republic. In close cooperation with the owners of valuable natural areas we today take care about more than 200 sites that together make up the area of over 1100 hectares. The effort to protect the most valuable areas within the motto “Get to know and Protect” is preceded by careful zoological and botanical surveys and by the following data processing that after evaluation additionally help to plan the best ways how to care for the sites and individual species of plants and animals. In this way we have already mapped thousands of sites in the central Europe (except for the Czech Republic and Slovakia – mainly Poland, Austria, Germany and Hungary) and southern Europe (mainly Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro) and we have gained tens of thousands of data about the extinction and causes of danger of animals and plants. That is why we are now more often involved in the rescue of the most endangered spices and habitats in the above mentioned European countries.
Outside Europe, our action conservational group “JARO” starts to be increasingly involved in nature conservation even in other parts of the world. We are the founding members of the Coalition against palm oil which today unify dozens of non-governmental organizations, doctors, biologists, teachers and zoological and botanical gardens. On February 1, 2017, the Coalition grew into a world-wide and quite mammoth Palm Watch Oil International Coalition. This organization gradually unifies more and more non-governmental organizations, biologists, doctors, teachers, as well as many other individuals and organizations from all over the world. This seemingly diverse mix of people and organizations is connected with the main goal. Not only definitively put the end to the unsustainable ways of industrial growing and producing of palm oil (which is the modern scourge of the tropics) but also solve other subsequent global problems that can only be solved in one possible way – by the interdependent cooperation on a responsible and sustainable way of production, output and distribution of goods and services on the whole Planet.
We also help with the financial, material, organizational and promotional support of projects and organizations on which Czechs and Slovaks work abroad. Currently, it is especially the effort to rescue Save Balikpapan Bay in Borneo, Indonesia – which is one of the world´s richest places in the world in species. We are intensively
preparing for getting involved in the conservation of Africa and South America nature and the world´s seas and oceans.
In the Czech Republic, JARO closely cooperates with newly established subsidiaries such as ČSOP Morava, ČSOP Arion, Pražská pastvina, ČSOP Pardubice, ČSOP Podještědí, and Pomáhám přírodě, which help mainly in the areas where JARO does not have enough power, time and finances.
We cooperate very closely with other organizations in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We cooperate with both non-governmental organizations such as Česká Krajina, Centaurea, Česká společnost ornitologická, Společnost pro ochranu motýlů, Východočeská pobočka České společnosti entomologické, A Rocha, ČSOP Orlice, ČSOP Klenice , Pre Prírodu , and Protected Landscape areas (CHKO) such as CHKO Pálava, CHKO Kokořínsko, CHKO Český Kras, CHKO České sředohoří, CHKO Jeseníky, CHKO Biele Karpaty and many others including the centres of Nature and Landscape Conservation Agency and Environmental offices of many cities and regions.
We professionally rely on a wide range of experts from Entomological Institute in České Budějovice, Botanical Department of the National Museum, Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague.
Another of our long-standing projects is, for example, the operation of a rescue station for wounded wildlife, ecological and environmental education, participation in administrative procedures, or many other minor projects such as hanging up the nesting boxes, installation and maintenance of nature trails, planting of greenery, digging of pool for amphibians, rescue transfer of amphibians, organization of lectures and exhibitions about nature and many other activities.

Visions, goals and missions

JARO, the Czech Union of Nature Conservationists, is currently one of the most active citizens‘ associations for the practical nature conservation in the Czech Republic. Since 1985, we have been associating mostly younger people (including some older individuals with a younger spirit because they have been cooperating with us for more than 30 years) who are trying to save the last fragments from the rich but presently damaged nature of the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
Our mission is not only an effort to actively protect our nature and its animal and plant populations but in the last few years we have especially been trying “to protect” (or rather rescue) the human being.
Although some problems have been solved (e.g. the ozone hole is gradually closing up), many new ones emerged and many older ones are getting deeper. Solving the ozone depletion indicates that many things can be solved when we want to. At the same time, many collapses of human civilizations in the past show that when the problems are not solved it turns out badly especially for the humans. That is why we are determined to be the ones who are trying to solve the problems.

Thanks to our activities:
– The most valuable reservations and nature that is just round your corner flourish
– The rare species of animals and plants are coming back to our country
– We can continue to meet the nature we all need
– The water regime in the landscape is restored
– People are beginning to realize that nature does not need humans, but on the contrary, humans need nature
– There is a responsible use of natural sources for the sustainable life of our children
– Many people are “well at heart”
– We have a hope that it will not turn out so tragically with human civilization
– The communication between the professional and non-professional public works
– We all can be involved in fulfilling our mission
– We prevent the alienation of human to nature
– We help to decrease the ecological footprint
– Through practical forms we lead the public to recognize the diversity of nature and environment

The remarkable life stories of animal patients of JARO Rescue Station in Jaroměř.

Czech Union for Nature Conservation

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Translated by Martina Picková