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Visions, goals and missions

JARO, the Czech Union of Nature Conservationists, is currently one of the most active citizens‘ associations for the practical nature conservation in the Czech Republic. Since 1985, we have been associating mostly younger people (including some older individuals with a younger spirit because they have been cooperating with us for more than 30 years) who are trying to save the last fragments from the rich but presently damaged nature of the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
Our mission is not only an effort to actively protect our nature and its animal and plant populations but in the last few years we have especially been trying “to protect” (or rather rescue) the human being.
Although some problems have been solved (e.g. the ozone hole is gradually closing up), many new ones emerged and many older ones are getting deeper. Solving the ozone depletion indicates that many things can be solved when we want to. At the same time, many collapses of human civilizations in the past show that when the problems are not solved it turns out badly especially for the humans. That is why we are determined to be the ones who are trying to solve the problems.

Thanks to our activities:
– The most valuable reservations and nature that is just round your corner flourish
– The rare species of animals and plants are coming back to our country
– We can continue to meet the nature we all need
– The water regime in the landscape is restored
– People are beginning to realize that nature does not need humans, but on the contrary, humans need nature
– There is a responsible use of natural sources for the sustainable life of our children
– Many people are “well at heart”
– We have a hope that it will not turn out so tragically with human civilization
– The communication between the professional and non-professional public works
– We all can be involved in fulfilling our mission
– We prevent the alienation of human to nature
– We help to decrease the ecological footprint
– Through practical forms we lead the public to recognize the diversity of nature and environment